writing-by-reading-article | Term Paper Tutors

1. Choose one of the following articles:

    1. Stella and Dot Refines Women’s Workplace https://www.sfgate.com/style/article/Stella-amp-Dot-redefines-women-s-workplace-4166055.php
    2. The GoPro Armyhttps://www.inc.com/magazine/201202/the-gopro-army.html

2. Write a well-thought and organized 400- 550 word paper. Use an organized paragraph structure, sentence structure and be sure to include proper grammar and spelling. Use the Writing Center to help proofread your work. (Double Spaced, 12 point Ariel or Times New Roman, please)

    1. Introduce your paper
    2. Briefly summarize the article (your paper should NOT exclusively summarize the article).
    3. Personally reflect on the article. What did you learn from it? What did you learn from those mentioned in the article? Were there one or two aspects of the article that you found interesting or more relevant to your life? Why or how? Did anything have an impact on you? Include any other relevant information.
    4. Summarize/conclude your paper.

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