Write a program in c | Computer Programming II

 All input should be provided on command line.  If all 3 coefficients are not provided, the program should display an error message indicating proper input format and exit with no additional prompts.You must use the following subprograms for this assignment:void solve_linear(int, int);void solve_quad(int, int, int);void solve_real(int, int, int);void solve_complex(int, int, int);You will be required to use separate compilation with proper header files included (I will not accept excessive inclusions).We will discuss separate compilation AFTER you have a working program in a single file. You are allowed ONE SUBMISSION ONLY:

Failure to follow these instructions carefully can and will result in no credit on the activity
Do NOT submit until AFTER we have discussed separate compilation in class 
Once submissions are accepted, attach ALL of the .c and .h files that you used for this program in a SINGLE submission.
Do NOT include the .o files or the executable.
Do NOT make multiple submissions… ONE submission only with all the files requested attached.


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