Week 7 Journal 1: Cultural Competency

After reading Mechanic & Tanner article, which is located in the Learning Materials section for Week 2, think about your experiences with individuals from different cultures and especially those from a vulnerable subgroup. Consider your exchanges, reactions, etc., with these groups and your thoughts about your own cultural competency when interacting with not only patients, but families, peers, random individuals, etc. What did you learn from this article and in what areas do you shine already or what areas that may need some polishing?

Over the course of this term, you were tasked with identifying a vulnerable population within your community and evaluating your interactions with this group. Benkert, Guthrie, & Phol (2005), discussed cultural competence and the concept that an Advanced Practice Nurse’s comfort level with people from different cultures affected their interaction and delivery of healthcare services thus becoming part of the patient experience and having an impact on the healthcare that they receive.

Over the past 5–6 weeks, what have you learned about your cultural competence and your interactions with vulnerable populations within your own community? This conversation is not specific to the vulnerable population you have chosen for your paper but to all that you have come into contact with. What biases do you have? Did you know you had these biases before this exercise? Has your perception of this population changed over the past few weeks? If so, how? If not, why? What do you think the top three health promotion and disease prevention areas of need are for your community group?

You may journal in first person and this assignment does not require references as it is your thoughts; however, if you choose to use quotes or citable material, students are expected to follow APA formatting.



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