valuation analysis for a company nucor corp nue

The project should consist of five sections.

Section 1 should describe the company’s business, including its product lines, customer base, key suppliers, management team, and strategy.Please also identify a group of peer companies for your company.

In Section 2, please provide an analysis of the company’s performance during the period of 2017-2019.The analysis should include an analysis of various performance metrics, including (i) accounting profit rates (e.g., return on invested capital (“ROIC”), return on assets (“ROA”), return on equity (“ROE”)), (ii) economic profits, and (iii) stock price performance.Please compare these performance metrics for your company with the corresponding metrics for the peer companies.

In Section 3, please conduct a discounted cash flow valuation of the company.The analysis should include a discussion of the basis for your projections, your estimate of the company’s weighted average cost of capital, and your estimate of the company’s terminal value.In addition, you should provide a sensitivity analysis and a discussion of your final valuation matrix.

In Section 4 please conduct a market multiples valuation of your company.You should use the peer companies identified in Section 1 for this analysis.

Finally, Section 5 should provide recommendations as to how the company can create value for shareholders.The recommendations should be based on the sensitivity analysis you conduct and any benchmarking analysis you perform of your company’s performance versus its peer companies.


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