Two famous monarchs during the period were elizabeth i (england) and

Your response must be at least a solid paragraph (5-6 sentences minimum).  Your comment on another student’s discussion cannot just be “I agree with what you said/”  You must explain to what you agree or disagree with and give concrete examples to support your opinion.
Two famous monarchs during the period were Elizabeth I (England) and Philip II (Spain).  How did each rule? Which ruler do you believe ruled best?  (Explain)
Response back to this apply: 1 to 2 sentences  
 I would have to say I believed Elizabeth I of England to be a better ruler. I think any woman who was able to hold their ground and rule during a time of men dominance certainly had to brilliant. I love the fact that she stayed single, I believe she didn’t want to share or threaten her power. I also loved the fact that she tried to avoid chaos, and truly wanted her reign to go smoothly as possible. 

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