Topic Proposal

Topic Proposal

In this project, I intend to focus on the impact of the US-China Trade War on China, the U.S., Southeast Asia, and Europe — with special focus on winners and losers from the trade war.

The rationale for choosing this topic is so because most researchers have been focusing on the issue as an event meaning that the question of why trade wars arise and how they can be ended is not addressed. The China-US trade war is unique but it does not mean that it cannot happen in the future between other nations (Lai, 2019). As such, answers need to be sort to identify how trade wars between large global economies can be mitigated to ensure that they do not escalate to lead to global crises.

Trade on the global level has been advancing fairly well in the last few decades. The recovery that the global economy has achieved since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 has commendable. There have been concerted efforts when it comes to the prevention and the management of challenges that could reset the economy into another major crisis. This does not necessarily mean that the current times have a perfect economy that is free from any crisis (Lai, 2019). The global economy is still facing various challenges with most economists predicting that in the near future a global crisis is likely to occur.

I will conduct research on this topic through secondary research. This will be done through the use of content analysis whereby existing works of literature on the topic will be reviewed for answers and direction. These insights from other authors will then be used to make determination on the impact of the US-China Trade War on China, the U.S., Southeast Asia, and Europe.


Lai, E. L. C. (2019). The US-China trade war, the American public opinions and its effects on China. Economic and Political Studies7(2), 169-184.

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