Technical writting | English homework help

Find a piece of “everyday” technical writing either in your immediate surrounding or on the Internet. Examples of “everyday” technical writing includes items such as a business card, a refrigerator magnet from a plumbing company, or a coupon. Take a picture of the item and upload the image to your post. Please respond to the following questions in 150-300 words per question.

What elements of this writing make it technical?
How does the text’s language, design, and organization appeals to the targeted audience, purpose, and communication situation?
Do you think that you create technical writing? If so, when? For what purposes? How often?

As you post,
Respond thoughtfully to at least 2 of your peers. Take note of their observations. Do they differ from yours? Provide insightful responses to further the discussion and enhance the way we observe technical communication. This is a helpful exercise to help us understand what makes a document work and what audiences respond to negatively and positively.

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