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1) How does Mcdonalds make money?

What affects customers’ willingness to pay?

Think about what benefits and utility consumers get from buying products from this industry.  Where else could they go to fulfill a similar need or to get a similar experience? (e.g. mobile handset as a substitute for purchasing a laptop)
How likely are customers in your industry to actually seek these other options?
How likely are customers to purchase from other industries based on price? (e.g. if mobile phones become more powerful, people would rather have a mobile phone than a laptop)

What affects firm costs?

Does the firm require lots of employees, lots of machinery, lots of advertising, etc.?

How does the firm measure its own performance?

Ex: sales per employee, return on assets, inventory turnover, web pages viewed

Are these factors the same or different from other firms?

I need to do an appendix with charts, tables, etc…
use databases and cite all information correctly

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