Safe Injection Sites, The Criminalization Of Drug Users, And The Controversies Surrounding Harm Reduction Approaches In Canada.

General Information In the introduction to your paper, please explain why the topic is important and worth further investigation. The substance of the paper should provide a detailed empirical analysis of the pertinent issues, themes, and solutions surrounding the matter using real case studies/events and academic evidence to support your claims. Given the contemporary nature of these topics, your best resource will be the online library specifically the online journal collection of peer-reviewed journals. You may also find important points for discussion and contemporary  examples in the Canadian Newsstand database which provides a rich source of information from over 200 Canadian media outlets. However, the paper must not be a summary of news articles as students are also expected to make full use of all the available resources in the university library. References There is no minimum or maximum number of references that can be cited in an essay. However, the number of references cited generally reflects the amount of research the student did when writing their essay. Essays should be 12 pages (including references) be double-spaced and incorporate either the APA or the ASA referencing styles. Late essays submitted without adequate documentation or justification will be subject to a 5% penalty each days at the TAs discretion following the deadline for submission of papers as set out in the course outline. Note: The Evaluation Grid must be signed by the student and stapled to the back of the essay when it is submitted in class or it will not be marked.

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