safe and enfo

You will need to do some searching and investigation about Two of the Three particular events: Fuyao Glass Plant Accident, Confined Space Accident at Bumble Bee Tuna Plant and a death at the Toyota Georgetown plant 3 days ago (2-4-2019).

Both places have had significant impacts on safety and Accident Causation. Write a short paper (Maximum two to three pages) and discuss what you find about these two incidents, how they could have been prevented, which Domino Theory you would use to classify these under and why and what do you believe has been done to regulate it today. The regulation is not just for this industry but all others like sharing the same particular processes or conditions.

At the bottom of the last page, list at least two more events, Locally, Nationally or Globally that would also fit that same topical area of Accident Causation. Make sure you list and properly cite the references of all materials you find.

When ready to submit paper, click on “view complete” below.

Attach your paper as a word document via the Browse button and save it as a .doc file, not a .docx


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