REFLECTION ESSAY:Proof reading and addition of more sentences as required

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Component Three: Reflection Essay This essay is your chance to reveal and discuss your thoughts about the process and outcomes of this project, your journey through your master’s program, and how you plan to position yourself professionally. Writing reflectively allows you to think deeply and consciously about your experiences. Your ability to selfanalyze in a business-appropriate manner, to address areas of growth, and to articulate goals and plans is invaluable to successful practice. Thinking about the process you just completed, succinctly address the following types of issues:  Why did you select this economic problem to analyze?  How did you apply the economic theories you learned during your academic program to actual practices?  Did you come across instances where you had to rely on practical experience rather than theory?  If you had the opportunity to analyze this economic situation again, what would you do differently?  What would you like to have done had you had more time?  What were your ethical responsibilities for potential ethical violations in the analysis and reporting of the economic problem?  What connections do you see between your capstone and your academic program?  How will you apply what you have learned to your future academic and/or professional life?


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