Physical science 7 | Physics homework help

 Part 1
Write an APA paper that addresses the following: Conduct research either using the textbook and/or online website and provide a summary of the following concepts.  The format of your paper must follow APA format guidelines only to the extent you properly include in-text citations to document where you got your information. *PICK JUST 2*
• Discuss the physical properties of minerals that make up the earth’s materials. 
• Discussed the nature of the mineral forming process 
• Differentiate between the three levels of sedimentary rocks and the metamorphic rocks.
• Summarize the significant layers that make up the Earth’s crust
• Explain the concept of Diastrophism 
• Explain why the various faults occur that results in earthquakes 
• Why do Tsunamis occur?
• What is weathering? Differentiate between the various types of occurrence that causes weathering 
Part 2 
Write some  Recommendations and Conclusions regarding the Big Bang Theory 

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