Personal Letter from TO model

We would like for you to now become a creative writer yourself! After reading and annotating Tim O’Brien’s
poignant letter. Preview the document to his son, you are now tasked with writing your own personal letter. Your
letter can be to someone you know or hope to know (not a celebrity), someone you love or someone you’ve
lost. The letter could be to your past, present or future self. It could be to your best friend or someone you have
conflict with in life. It could be to one of your parents or siblings. This is up to you, but the assignment must be
taken seriously to receive credit (it, of course, can be funny in parts though). In your letters, you must
incorporate 10 of the following literary terms (you can choose any you want but none can repeat when counting
toward the total). After typing your letter, label the devices by putting them in parentheses before your endpunctuation. For example, our conversation went as quickly as the wind (simile).
Literary terms – incorporate (correctly and in support of purpose/meaning) at least 10 of the following (do NOT
merely google examples and work them in– practice thinking of something that works authentically for YOUR
purpose). The FIRST ten will be graded:
Imagery (MUST label sensory type)
Allusion (remember that “talking about” is not the same as allusion)
Irony (dramatic, situational, or verbal)
Juxtaposition (be sure to understand the nuances: explicit connection is not juxtaposition)

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