objective 2 identify your own value system

Objective 2: Identify your own value system.
Your personal value system may be so intrinsic that it might not be something you can easily describe; however, it is important to be able to quantitatively distinguish your value system. There are three possible measurements of good or bad set of values and ethics, which include Christianity (biblical set of values), society (legal values), and social (friends).
Your values are extremely important as they are a definition for your character and usually a representation of your background. Values change over time through experience and age, but it’s important to stay rooted in the number one value system: the Bible.

Learning Activity #3: Personal Values Paper
Research the topic of values and also read the article by Hollinger about values accessible through the following link:
Write a 1-2 page paper that analyzes at least five of the most important values to you. Keep in mind that these values might change over time.
To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed.

List and explain at least five values important to you.

Justify the reason that each value is important.

Provide personal examples of why the values are important to you.

Provide at least two sources.

Online StudentsSubmit the paper to your facilitator as an attachment in the drop box titled Personal Values Paper.Please see the Paper Writing rubric in the Syllabus to guide the paper development.

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