Msn 5550 health promotion prevention of disease chapter 9

1. An occupational health nurse is planning a cholesterol screening with the employees at the factory. Which of the following would be an advantage of conducting this screening?
a) Allows for the beginning of a multiple test screening process
b) Provides an opportunity for health education
c) Allows for preliminary diagnosis of coronary artery disease
d) Provides the opportunity for a referral to a physician
2. Which of the following is a disadvantage of screening?
a) Uncertainties of scientific evidence
b) Negative patient perception
c) Some tests have high sensitivity and high specificity
d) Lack of patient autonomy
3. Researchers are studying a particular disease which occurs among Americans at a rate of 36 per 100 annually. What type of rate is this statement describing?
a) Prevalence rate
b) Incidence rate
c) Morbidity rate
d) Mortality rate

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