Microeconomics research paper | ECON 210

 1,800 word paper and include six or more credible sources. Two of the resources must be from academic journals.
Must include the following four sections:
An introduction that introduces the selected topic and discusses how the analysis was conducted.
A literature review that provides a detailed summary of the economic circumstances and facts that serve as the foundation of the economic analysis.
A narrative body that includes:
An economic analysis that uses the tools developed in the course along with your graphical depiction of the economics applied to your topic. Provide an explanation of the graphical analysis. Don’t leave it to the reader to figure out your intention. The specific analysis will depend on your chosen topic.
Statistics that support your topic and narrative.
Conclusion and a brief summary.
Use current APA formatting for your paper including these elements:
Title page
Page numbers
Source citations
Reference list
An abstract and table of contents are not required.
Note: Your paper will not be stored in the Turnitin repository for the draft submission. 

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