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Read “Difficult Situation” at the end of Chapter 7, #9 under “Build Relationships”. In the printed textbook that would be on page 148. Do a brief summary of the situation. Two or three sentences will suffice.Answer the question, “How would you handle this situation?” Back up your statements by referencing what you have read in your textbook with direct quotes. You should write at least 100 words. You should also evaluate and respond to at least three of your classmates’ posts. DIFFICULT SITUATIONYou have been dealing with a customer over the telephone for several months. Over the years he has been an important customer, and he continues to buy communications equipment from your organization. At this point, he has spent more than $1 million with your organization. You have never had any problems with him; he has always been very professional in his conduct with you, as you have with him. When he calls, he always asks for you by name. He has been extremely polite and businesslike. However, on two recent occasions he has told you that you sound so nice over the telephone that he would like to meet you. You have made statements such as, “Thanks for the compliments; I do care about customers.” You have evaded the suggestion that you meet him, thinking he would not insist.The last time the customer called to place an order, he repeated his interest in meeting you, making a threatening statement (you believe) that he will stop ordering from the company unless you are willing to meet him. He did laugh after he made the statement, but you believe he is serious. You know your employer values his business. He has mentioned to you that he appreciates your help with this valuable customer. You are single, but you do not think it would be wise to meet the customer. How should you handle this situation?
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