Make a final report to the Caterpillar board of directors, stating clearly which choice between two countries will be more beneficial for Caterpillar

International Engineering Management (MANU 1398)

Assignment 1,

Due date 12th of August, approximately 3000 (-10% – +20%) words.

Group assignment

The size of the group is up to 4 students

Each student have to write clearly (by writing a name at the bottom of the paragraph),

which part of the assignment is done).

Caterpillar is world leader in production of heavy machinery. The caterpillar components are

made in more than a 100 manufacturing plants in the world. Only in US there are 51

manufacturing facility. The caterpillar manufacturing facilities are present in 12 European

countries. In Asia they are present India, China and Indonesia. In South America Caterpillar

production is located in Mexico and Brazil, in Africa Caterpillar has production line in South Africa.

The world headquarters of Caterpillar is located in Peoria Illinois. Most of R@D activity is also

based in Peoria.

In 2016 Caterpillar decided to start major reorganisation that have to include closing of many, by

some information more than 30 facilities in US to reduce cost of the production, and to open

some new facilities. Some of the analysis suggest opening of the new facilities in Kenya for

special Track Type Tractors, Track Type Loaders, and another one in Vietnam for Articulated

Dump Trucks.


1) This Task provide an opportunity to better understand life history of some company

and be able to recognise the main milestones that bring success to the company.

(about 600 words)

Analyse and discuss the development and growth of the Caterpillar company

worldwide. Discuss organisation and major challenges that company faced during the

long history. Caterpillar is well known and world leading manufacturer of

machinery. A large amount of publications, analytical, research articles and reports

are available.

2) The task has to help with understanding of cultural specificities of some country.

What features are making some country unique, and how it is related to the doing

business with the country. (About 1000 words)

Analyse the situation in Vietnam in Kenya as the convenient locations for the new

facilities. The main part of analysis has to be related to the Cultural specificity of

these two countries. The Analysis also has to include genera geopolitical

characteristics of Malaysia and Nigeria. The preferred sources are Word Bank data,

IMF data, OUN data, OECD data and research articles

3) The task has to help students to develop the effective way of presenting the superiority

of one choice over another choice. Figures, Tables, Marking, Metrics are useful tools

for this task. (About 1000 words)

In task 3, students have to compare the important business factors, primarily the

factors related to the cultural differences between Kenya and Vietnam. Discuss the

importance of Cultural differences between Vietnam and Kenya and what is the risk

for the company due to cultural differences. The students are encouraged to find

effective ways for illustration of their comparative analysis.

4) This task is continuation of the task 3, and represent final conclusion (about 400


Make a final report to the Caterpillar board of directors, stating clearly which choice

between two countries will be more beneficial for Caterpillar. It will be good idea to

use some metrics or quantitative results.

Your report needs to be clearly written, well-structured and well presented. You

should acknowledge all sources used and provide references where appropriate.

References must be presented in approved standard form (e.g. Harvard) and the

reference list must be in accordance with text

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