M3.2 Assignment: Ethics at the Movies

The seven-step method of making an ethical decision that Meyers discusses in Chapter 2, Section 2.6.1, is simple and straightforward on the surface! Every step includes factors important to the decision-making process, and it seems as if you could just go through the steps and emerge with a decision. But as Meyers demonstrates, this is hard work, and the hardest work is done in step five. To the extent that you can, you set aside your feelings, and even your conscience, and you use your faculty of reason to determine the extent to which all relevant factors are involved. This is where you decide what to do.

Its helpful to review an example. For this assignment, you will select a fictional character from a film or television program who made a tough moral decision. Then, in an essay of approximately 750 words, use Meyers seven steps to analyze the process that the character used to make their ultimate decision.

Attached is the book being use at the school, if unable to get the book please let me know so that I can send copies. This book is needed to complete essay.

First, describe the nature of the moral problem (you might find the list of moral principles in Section 2.7 helpful as you describe the conflict).
Next, assess the presence of any relevant factors involved (as described in the first four steps of Meyers model).
Then, carefully analyze the characters deliberations using Meyers fifth step as your guide.
Finally, conclude your essay by discussing the effects of steps six and seven on the ultimate decision that the character made. What were the outcomes?
The character you choose must be a professional as defined by the criteria introduced in Module 2. You can use the list in Meyers Chapter 1, or you can keep the most basic criteria in mind. The character is in a profession that serves a vital need, and the characters client — however that is defined — is trusting the character to make the best decision by prioritizing their well-being. Sample movies include Eye in the Sky (2015),  Awakenings (1990), The Insider (1999), Saving Private Ryan (1998), The Conversation (1974), and The Ides of March (2011). Those are just some ideas to get you started; there are lots of great stories to choose from!

Writing Requirements:
Develop an interesting introduction that includes an evident thesis.
Logically organize your ideas, ensuring that there are transitions between each paragraph.
Use at least two direct quotations from the movie and Meyers, using APA citation style.
Use proper grammar and syntax.
Use detail, dialogue, and description to support your ideas.


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