After reading “Blue Winds Dancing” by Tom Whitecloud, and “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, share your responses to the short stories. Use questions below to guide your discussion. Also, comment on Whitecloud and Walker’s use of imagery in your discussion. Imagery refers to language that engages the senses. For example, use of the word “Blue” in “Blue Winds Dancing” reflects visual imagery. Other imagery terms follow: Aural (sound), Olfactory (smell), Tactile (touch), Gustatory (taste), Kinetic (general movement), Kinesthetic (human and/or animal movement).

This Journal Writing should consist of at least 300 words.


What contributes to the tension in “Blue Winds Dancing” and “Everyday Use”? Which literary elements make this tension apparent to the reader? (Setting? Character? Tone? Structure? Style?)


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