it 201 thomas jefferson university


My paper is on PTSD of Veterans and to be 8-10 pages long.

Title: PTSD Incidence, Prognosis and Outlook for Veterans

Incidence: How many many people in the military is effected?

Prognosis: What do the doctors recommend for treatment?

Outlook: Is a person doomed or can be cured with treatment? Or can symptoms be reduced?

Questions to be asked in paper and answered:

1. Can a person have it and not know?

2. Who? Veterans

3. Treatment Options

4. Explain give definition of PTSD

Paper and power point presentation has to have a table and chart in it (pie chart and bar graph)

Power Point has to be a summary of main points of paper and be 8-10 slides long.

Annotated Bibliography is to be at least 2-3 pages. separate from paper. (Journals, list of references and sources)


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