Humans and Biodiversity

This is a fairly open-ended assignment.  This means it is particularly important to pay attention to the instructions.
Goal:  The goal is get you to explore the relationship between biodiversity and human society.  I am going to stress the word diversity.  This assignment is not just about humans relationship to nature but specifically to diversity (broadly defined).

Step One:  Pick one of the following subtopics.Ecosystem Services, Agriculture, Medicine, Citizen Science, Culture, Recreation, Companion Organisms

Step Two:  Do a bit of reading and write a short introduction (one to two paragraphs) where you explain a bit about the topic generally and why it is important to humans.

Step Three:  Write another one to two paragraphs explaining the relevance of biodiversity in this area generally.

Step Four:  Pick a specific example within the topic (e.g. a specific citizen science project or a specific issue in medicine, etc.).  Briefly introduce it and then explain how biodiversity is important in this example (one-two paragraphs total)As usual all the text should be in your own words and you should cite all of your sources of information.


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