Just a short 1-2 paragraph, as long as you answer all of these questions:

Conduct research and write a critical analysis summary on a current member of the House of Representatives. You may use the following questions to guide your discussion. You must post your summary and comment on at least two others to receive credit.

  • Name of Representative, Their party affiliation, The State/District Number
  • Biography (Political Socialization)
    Where was this Representative born/grow up?
    What did this Representative do prior to being elected?
    What is this Representative’s family life like?
    Where did this Representative go to school/college?
    When was this Representative first elected to the House of Representatives? Who was the opponent?
  • Area of Representation
    Where is the Representative’s district?
    What type of people live in this Representative’s district? (re-election)
    How does this relate to the representatives ideology? (Gerrymandering)
  • Iron Triangle Connection
    What interest group has contributed finances and/or endorsements to this Representative?
    How does that affect how this Representative votes on certain issues?
  • Media
    What has made the news with this Representative?

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