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4) Global Health Policy Research Paper (35%, Due March 19, to be handed in during class): Critically
examine a global health policy “challenge,” within the frame of the health as a human right, in the one of
the following areas: maternal health, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, cancer, mental health or
access to medicines and/or medical devices. Data is to be gathered through traditional means (i.e.
academic journals), via grey sources (governmental and NGO organizational literature), the media and
observation of a public event or events (public speeches, election debates, rallies, etc.) that can be done
in-person or over the Internet. The paper should cover the following areas: 1) contextualize the policy
“challenge” by discussing the history of the challenge and past approaches to rectify the challenge; 2)
provide an overview of current policy and programming approaches; 3) discuss the chosen policy
challenge research in light of this contextualization and methods to gather data to address/ameliorate the
policy challenge; 4) discuss the results of your research; and 5) conclude the paper with an informed
critique of current policy and programming which draws upon recommendations from your own research
and existing scholarship. Length: 10 pages.

about topic:

I’m not so sure but I prefer maternal health or pharmaceutical policy.. it’s related to human rights and policy challenge

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