Family and Community Engagement

A correlation has been established between ELL success and family involvement. The more teachers can do to empower family members, the better their students will do in school. A great way to engage ELL family members is to provide them with useful resources and to inform them about the culturally inclusive aspects of their ELLs’ curriculum and instruction.

Create a 10-15 slide presentation for families of ELLs to inform them about culturally inclusive practices within curriculum and instruction and provide them with useful resources. The purpose of your presentation is to make a connection between school and family and to empower family members.

Your presentation should include:

Examples of curriculum and materials, including technology, that promote a culturally inclusive classroom environment.

Examples of strategies that support culturally inclusive practices.

A brief description of how home and school partnerships facilitate learning.

At least two resources for families of ELLs to empower them to become partners in their child’s academic achievement.

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