environmental science 22

Sustainable communities are discussed. Read the chapter, then watch the following video: Utica New York areas of Urban Blight and neglect by landlords.

For this week’s class discussion, to respond the following:

  • Define exurban migration and urban sprawl, which often occur in developed countries such as the USA.
  • In contrast, please describe what causes urban blight in developing third world countries.
  • Does urban blight differ from slums?
  • Name at least three countries that are currently facing urban blight.
  • Why are those three countries facing such difficulties?
  • What is a shantytown?
  • What do the people in the shantytowns need most?
  • If you had the power, what is the first thing you would do to help the people in a shantytown?
  • Share your thoughts of reflection of the video. 


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