Email to Employees

  1. Write an email explaining to your employees why it is important for them to adhere to proper grammar and
    format when communicating orally and in writing with customers.
  2. Include the most important information you learned from the video 5 tips to improve your writing.
    ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION POLICY: All work turned in by students must be neat, legible, written in
    paragrpah format, in complete sentences and using their own words. The work should reflect college-level
    ability in structure, grammar, and spelling. All assignments must follow APA standard of writing.
    All homework and assignments are to be submitted on-time. Faculty will accept late submissions of homework
    / assignments up to 5 days after the due date; however, each day an assignment is late 10% is deducted from
    your grade; and assignments submitted more than five days after the assignment due date will receive a grade
    of zero, no exceptions! Lastly, no assignments will be accepted after the course ends. Written assignments are
    defined as all papers, homework, and most major assignments.
    All written assignments are to include a cover page, which list the following items (single spaced) in the center
    of the first page).
    Student’s full name as listed in the class roster
    Class (e.g. BUS 2353)
    Type of work (e.g. Homework #5, Quiz #2, Paper #1, etc)
    Submission Date
    Please watch the video the instructor provided as a guideline.

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