Directions for Valuing & Communication

Write a paper comparing and contrasting your values and communication practices as a nurse (or your planned nursing career) with information that you obtain through an interview with another Registered Nurse. You may interview any RN but if you know a nurse who holds a baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing that is preferred.

Guidelines for Paper:
Provide a brief introduction and conclusion for paper.
Discuss the values and communication skills you have personally as they relate to your nursing career. This should relate to the assigned readings for this module, including the ANA Code of Ethics as well as personal experiences in healthcare.
Include the following information/questions from your nurse interview:
Your nurse’s initials (do not refer to your nurse by name)
What type of nursing degree/educational preparation does he/she possess?
What type of nursing this person does and what is involved in his/her job?
How long (length of time) has this nurse been in practice?
What does your interviewee report as important communication skills and attitudes for his/her career in nursing?
How do your nurse’s values, beliefs, or philosophy affect his/her practice as a nurse?
What experiences have shaped this nurse’s communication practices? values? Provide examples.
What experiences have shaped this nurse’s professional values? Provide examples
What changes has he/she seen in healthcare during his/her experience as a nurse and how has this impacted their professional values and communication practice?
Compare and contrast the values and communication skills you have for your nursing career with what your interviewee shares with you about his/her values and communication. What is similar? What is different?
How does what you value relate to how you communicate? Why?

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