Costs Reduction through Information Technology

  1. A growing number of managers believe that in order to work on difficult business problems, they must refrain from looking at e-mail for certain blocks of time during the day. In what ways might check e-mail frequently interfere with problem-solving?(Use a work experience or personal example to support your answer).
  2. Skill-Building Exercise 14-A: Costs Reduction through Information Technology. Page 535. Do exercise individually and use work experience to support your answer. A contribution of this exercise is that it translates the wonders of information technology into concrete savings for a company. The cost savings from information technology have helped some companies and hurt others. For example, drastically fewer photocopies are made today because of the widespread dissemination of e-mail messages, and fewer letters are mailed. You might identify savings in your company due to the use of Infomation Technology.
    Chapter 3: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  3. What is your reaction to the following statement made by many business graduates? “It may be nice to study ethics, but in the real world the only thing that counts is money.”
  4. Management in Action – Wal-Mart Managers Take the High Road and the Low Road. Read the case and answer the three questions at the end. Page 94.

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