Cognitive psychology issues study


Our final project requires you to look at research surrounding one of several topics in the field of cognitive psychology, identify a gap in the current research on this topic, and create your own study to address this gap. You will study perceptionattention, neurocognition, memoryspeech and languageproblem solving, and judgment/reason/decision making.  Consider how you see these topics applied in everyday life, as well as any news stories about research studies and technological breakthroughs.

Next, in your initial post, address the following:

  • Which of these topics and ideas interests you the most as a potential subject for your final paper?
  • Share your topic and explain why it interests you and how the provided references fit in.

Respond to two the two peers below, sharing your thoughts on their chosen topics. Do you think their topics make sense? Why or why not? You may also share suggestions on how to clarify or refine the topic, or approach it in a different way. Feel free to provide an appropriate resource to support your suggestions.

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