Business Communication Informative Presentation

Assigned Topic: The current of Mobile Payment and its future.

What to submit?

-A 15-20 page Powerpoint Slide with a minimum of three (3) different outside sources and at least two (2) different types of Excel charts/graphs. MLA format is required. Please follow the instruction discussed in class which is to limit your use of animation, select proper font size and color combination, and do not put too much textual content on one slide.

-A well organized speech draft or plan for the whole Powerpoint Slide and the presentation, be aware of the transition between each slide. Please make sure the presentation is between 5 to 7 minutes.

Please submit your work at least one day prior to the date of your presentation. Your submitted materials will be evaluated first and your performance of the presentation skills (interaction, eye contact, expression, etc) will be scored at the date of your presentation according to the result from peer evaluations and instructor’s evaluation. Rehearsing and practicing your presentation several times before your actual presentation are strongly recommended.


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