asian american studies final paper

Please choose question 2 to answer:

question 2:

U.S. interventions in Asia shaped a post-war world order which directly and indirectly included AAPI women. From World War II to the Vietnam War, AAPI women’s lives changed as a result of war, militarization, and occupation. Explain how war and militarization directly impacted women’s livelihoods, lives and family (if applicable), and how women experienced major shifts (good and bad) as a result. Discuss Okinawan women along with two other different groups of women to analyze.

Papers must be double-spaced, with normal margins. Include your name at the top of the page in a single-spaced block. Add a title and insert page numbers, and include a works cited page. Non-sexist language will be used. The objective is to display a strong understanding of the major ideas from the readings, lectures, and films on AAPI Women and Community. The answer must be original writing, must argue a thesis, be grounded in analysis, and supported by evidence from the course such as readings, lectures, films, guest speaker, and discussion. No outside research is necessary.


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