Answer framework questions about an economic evaluation program

Please review files Introduction for Evaluation Framework to get a sense on how to evaluate an evaluation, then read Case 7 Evaluation Program and answer the following questions.
Questions for evaluating an Evaluation
1.    How well did the evaluation answer each of the 5 key evaluation questions?
1)    Does the program focus on interventions that will have the greatest impact in the program context?
2)    Is the pathway to MNCH impact clearly developed and evidence-based?
3)    Is the program being implemented as planned, and at sufficient strength and quality to achieve expected impact? Are services being utilized?
4)    Do women and children who need interventions actually receive them? (coverage)
5)    Is the expected impact of the program occurring? Why or why not?
2.    Was the evaluation cost effective?
3.    What would you have done differently?
4.    What is the chance the evaluation results will result in better programming both locally and externally?


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