2 topic of synopsis of a Social Problems documentaries

(2) INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENTS: must view and do a synopsis of a Social Problems documentaries…1-The Coffee Go-Round (6:09)Coffee growers in poor rural areas are paid very little for their crop. What strategies are proposed in this clip for changing that situation?Now that you know something about the “sociology of coffee” and globalization, will your own consumption habits change at all?In what ways is the “coffee-go-round” an example of what Mills called “public issues” and “private troubles?”http://wwnorton.com/common/mplay/5.10/?p=/college/sociologydvd/&f=coffee-go-round.mp4&i=coffee-go-round.jpg2-Dear Mr. President (5:10)C. Wright Mills said that the sociological imagination comes from our ability to see the connection between “public issues” and “private troubles.” How does the narrator of this film make such a connection in his life? What are the “public issues” and the “private troubles?”http://wwnorton.com/common/mplay/5.10/?p=/college/sociologydvd/&f=dear_mr._president.mp4&i=dear_mr._president.jpg


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